Mandela: The prisoner Nasser Al-Shawish is missing nothing but freedom, which will only be achieved through unity, and the Israeli authorities refuse to unite him with his crippled brother in one prison

Subject to punitive measures, the prisoner Nasser Jamal Al-Shawish, the most prominent leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, lives deprived of seeing his two detained brothers. For the sixth year in a row, the prison administration continues to prevent him from continuing his university studies and imposes arbitrary restrictions and punishments on him as part … Read more

Mandela: The Gilboa prison administration controls the prisoners’ allowances and deliberately delays their treatment

The Mandela Foundation for the Care of Prisoners and Detainees Affairs revealed that the Israeli Prisons Administration controls the allocations of the canteen transferred by the Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs in Gilboa Prison, according to a very high price, in addition to preventing them from buying many of their needs. During the visit of attorney … Read more

Mandela: A large number of IDF breaks into Galboua prison during families’ visit

A large number of IDF forces broke into the prisoners’ cells at Galbou’a prison on Monday 7/5/2007 at 9:05 a.m. during a private families’ visit from Jerusalem and the Green Line areas. Nidal Yaghmour, the brother of prisoner Jihad Yaghmour, stated that a large number of armed IDF broke into the prisoners’ cells during the … Read more

Mandela: Prisoners at Nafha prison will go on hunger strike next Tuesday and they demand paying their personal cantina allowances

Prisoners at Nafha prison confirmed that they will go on a hunger strike next Tuesday 8/5/2007 in protest against the warden’s practice of preventing their families from visiting them despite the previous coordination with the warden. The lawyer of Mandela Institute, Buthayna Duqmaq visited the following prisoners today Sunday 6/5/2007 at Nafha prison: Hisham Hijaz … Read more

Mandela: Lawyer Duqmaq visits isolated prisoners at Ashkelon solitary confinement section

For immediate release The lawyer of Mandela Institute and its chairman of board, Buthayna Duqmaq visited prisoners Jamal Abu Al-Haija and Ibrahim Hamed today Thursday 29/3/2007. Both prisoners are detained in solitary confinement at Ashkelon prison where Abu Al-Haija is isolated with prisoner Ihab Mas’oud from Ramallah in one cell while prisoner Hamed is isolated … Read more

Siege of Jericho Central Prison

For Immediate release Today, Tuesday, March, 14, 2006 Israeli Military Troops imposed a siege on Jericho Central Prison, a detention facility located in Jericho City which it totally under The Palestinian National Authority’ sovereignty.  According to media reports Palestinian National Forces inside Jericho central prison took its position to confront any Israeli Military raid to … Read more