In The Name of God, the Most Graceful, the Most Merciful

The Mandela Institute for Human Rights and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society Launch a Joint Campaign for School Bags for Children of Palestinian Prisoners With the approaching of the school year 2004-2005, the Mandela Institute and the Palestinian Medical Relief Society announced the launching of their joint campaign titled: “Donate a School Bag for a Prisoner’s Child”

Campaign Objective:

The principal objective of the campaign is to provide children of Palestinian political prisoners a good quality school bag for the year 2004-2005.


The bag will contain the necessary stationary supplies such as copybooks, pens, pencils, sharpener, eraser, ruler, etc. Families would not need to purchase any additional supplies.

Target Group:

Children of Palestinian political prisoners enrolled in schools from kindergarten to secondary levels throughout the different Palestinian provinces would benefit from the project.

Monetary Value:

The Mandela Institute estimates the value of the school bag and its contents to reach 100 New Israeli Shekels (NIS)

Implementation of the Campaign:

1-     The campaign will be advertised through local newspapers TV networks;

2-     Production of a TV program that will host one representative from the Mandela Institute and another from the Palestinian  Medical Relief Society;

3-     The campaign will announce acceptance of monetary donations;

4-     Both institutes will advertise for bids from local stationary suppliers;

5-     Families of prisoners will be requested to contact the Mandela Institute to verify eligibility and number of beneficiaries. The Institute will provide each family with a letter confirming eligibility in order to collect the appropriate number of bags;

6-     Bags will be distributed through offices of the Palestinian  Medical Relief Society as specified in the letters of eligibility issued by the Mandela Institute;

7-     Both Institutes will resolve any emerging problem/s;

8-     The campaign will run from Tuesday 27 July 2004 until 25 August 2004.


a-      Palestinians, as well as others, will be invited to make monetary donations and drop them at the offices of either partner or to the following bank account: