The Higher Commission following Up the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees Affairs (HCFPPDA) highly appreciates Aron Gandy’s positions

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For Immediate Release


HCFPPDA expresses its deep respect to Dr. Aron Gandy, the international peace activist seeking the promotion of human rights and peace allover The World, and welcomes him in the Palestinian occupied territories and considers him as one of the Palestinian people that has deep historic relations with India.

HCFPPDA welcome the sincere feelings expressed by Dr. Gandy regarding the open ended hunger strike of Arab and Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli Military detention facilities. Dr. Gandy stated that the Israeli acts in Palestine are worst than that acts in South Africa during the racists era. Dr. Gandi clearly criticized the Israeli Military actions in Jerusalem and the Israeli Military Checkpoints.  DR. Gandi expressed his deep concern regarding the prisoners’ issues and called to meet their minimum requirements and demands and respect their human dignity.  Dr. Gandi felt sadness when listening to tragic stories being told by the families of the prisoners and stated that depriving prisoners from family visits is a grave breach and violations to basic human rights.

Dr. Gandi called upon the international community to put an end to the pains of the Palestinian people via the full implementation of the decisions of the international legitimacy including the right of Palestinian to self determination and establishment of an independent state on their homeland ands to free their hand towards development and progress.

HCFPPDA greets Dr. Gandi and the accompanying group and call all international figures seeking peace, social justice, and freedom to pay visits to the occupied territories to monitor the dramatic situation and to report to the international community under the slogan ” We should stop silence “.


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The Higher Commission Following Up the Palestinian Prisoners and Detainees Affairs (HCFPPDA)

Press release

For Immediate Release


Today, Thursday, August, 26, 2004 the Arab and Palestinian Detainees’ held in Israeli Occupational detention facilities, enters its twelfth day. 

HCFPPDA as well as the entire Palestinian People including families of detainees’ counts minutes and seconds with great fear that some of the prisoners on strike might be transferred to prisons’ clinics or hospitals and/or some of them might pass away.

HCFPPDA call upon the international community, both official and non-governmental to pressure the Israeli Military Government to respect section (4) of the forth Geneva Convention related to the protection of civilians in Time of War as well as the UN minimum standards for the treatment of prisoners.

 HCFPPDA reminds the high contracting  parties to the Geneva Conventions with their legal and moral obligations according to article (1) of the conventions that call for ” the respect and ensure the respect of the convention in all circumstances” .

In light of the above mentioned HCFPPDA calls:-

1-     The Governments to pressure the Israeli government to meet the prisoners’ demands that is considered within the minimum requirements to respect the human dignity according to international and international humanitarian laws.

2-      International NGOs to intervene with their governments to approach the Israeli governments to ensure full respect to the prisoners’ demands and to practice economical sanctions against Israel.

3-     Inter Governmental organizations including the UN organs as well as the special reporters on Human Rights and torture to send their observers to monitor the situation inside Israeli Military detention facilities.

4-     International legal and human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to send their representatives to the occupied territories to monitor the situation of Israeli Military prisons.

5-     The ICRC to conduct intensive prisons’ visits and to fulfill its obligation according to the Forth Geneva Convention.

HCFPPDA alerts that the Israeli Military Prisons’ Administration is proceeding in its policies degrading the human dignity and right of the prisoners and initiating several punitive measures that is considered over such violations committed at Abu Greib In Iraq. Such violations includes:-

A)    Military raids to various prisons’ sections accompanied with dogs targeting the creation of fear among prisoners.

B)     Depriving prisoners with health difficulties from receiving proper medical treatment and conditioning such treatment with ending the hunger strike.

C)     Stripping detainees and mistreating females and juveniles detainees.

D)     Distributing threatening leaflets stating that striking prisoners will be strongly punished.

E)     Systematic transfer of prisoners from one detention facilities to another with torture and mistreatment during such transfer.

F)     Intensive Solitary Confinement measures as a punitive measure.

G)    The use of electrical shocks that might lead to heart attack if being used at the upper left side of the body.

H)     Freeing the hand of the Israeli criminals to conduct all types of violations against Arab and Palestinian prisoners including sexual harassment mainly against juveniles.

While HCFPPDA puts you in the center of the event calls your human conscious to act quickly the reach a happy end and not a tragic one inside Israeli Military Detention Facilities.