Prisons on Strike

Daily diary of the August 2004 Hunger Strike 15 August 2004

Arab and Palestinian political prisoners, held in Israeli jails, began a hunger strike under the motto “Dignity and Freedom” demanding improvement of incarceration and living conditions. Participating prisoners were as follows:

  • Nafha Prison: 800 prisoners
  • Beer Shiva’ Prison:
  • Eischel Section: 341 prisoners
  • Section 4 of Ha Liqdar: 70 prisoners
  • Ha Darim Prison: 360 prisoners

Accordingly, a total of 1571 inmates have joined the hunger strike. Other inmates in Israeli central prisons will join the strike as of 18 August 2004. 

Thus, a total of 4000 prisoners are scheduled to join the strike. Detainees, held at military detention compounds ‘Ofar, Megiddo and Katzi’ot (Negev desert) will take protesting measures in solidarity with the striking colleagues.

Later that day, Israeli Prison Authority confiscated radios and TVs from striking prisoners. The Ha Darim administration appropriated personal effects from 10 infirm prisoners and deemed them as strikers despite a
decision by the strike leadership to exempt infirm prisoners from joining the strik.